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Michelin-starred cuisine


Michelin-starred cuisine

Gastronomic excellence is rewarded with Michelin stars, and the Girona counties boast a fine number of restaurants with one, two or even three of these distinctions

Girona’s cuisine did not come to be by chance, nor is it the result of today’s chefs and all their success, ingenuity and innovation. Rather, it’s the legacy of a rich history that began with the Iberians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Jews, evolving over time to embrace the most influential global and modern trends.

restaurant emporium castello d_empuries c eddy kelele

The province of Girona is today one of the world’s top destinations for food and wine tourism. The Costa Brava in particular is at the forefront of culinary innovation and is the number one food creativity hub worldwide. Girona has its extensive, rich and varied landscape to thank for its delicious recipes. It simply wouldn’t be the same without fresh fish caught right off the coast, the livestock that graze on its plains and mountainsides; without game or grains like rice; or without the fruit and vegetables farmed across the land. With hard work, perseverance and honesty, gastronomy professionals have managed to turn Girona into a spectacular constellation of Michelin stars, comprising 13 establishments in Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, Garrotxa, Gironès, Ripollès and Selva.

Run by the Roca brothers (although their parents are always close at hand), Celler de Can Roca boasts three Michelin stars, making it the perfect reason to plan a visit to the city of Girona. It has topped the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants on multiple occasions, but now belongs to a new category: The Best of the Best. The Girona capital is also home to Massana, with one Michelin star, the same number boasted by Els Tinars in Llagostera, two top choices in their category.

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In Alt Empordà there are three restaurants that stand out above the rest. One of them, in Llançà, is Miramar. With chef Paco Pérez at the helm and two Michelin stars to its name, it’s a guarantee of first-class quality food. The dishes served at Castell de Peralada, a fabulous restaurant located in the little town of Peralada, and Empòrium, located inside the Hotel Gastronòmic Empòrium in Castelló d’Empúries, also do justice to the Michelin star they have been awarded.

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Baix Empordà also merits a stop on our tour of Girona’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Bo.Tic, a restaurant located in an old flour mill in the small town of Corçà, has been a must for food lovers for some years now, currently shining with two Michelin stars.

The exceptional restaurant that chef Fina Puigdevall has been running for 30 years in Olot, in the Garrotxa region, also has two stars. We’re talking about Les Cols. This same volcanic land has also seen an old family inn opened in 1886 become a temple of haute cuisine, earning one Michelin star: Ca l’Enric in the Vall de Bianya.

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Through the Capsacosta tunnels we quickly make our way from Garrotxa to the neighbouring region of Ripollès. Here, in Gombrèn, a village steeped in a thousand years of history, even the finest of palates will find a worthy gastronomic experience at La Fonda Xesc, boasting one Michelin star.

la fonda xesc gombren c oscar vall

The last stop on our tour is Selva, which is known for its beaches and countryside. But did you know it also has two establishments with one Michelin star each?  These are L’Aliança 1919 located in Anglès and Les Magnòlies in Arbúcies.

To all of them, here’s to many years and many stars.

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