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Traditions and experiences to enjoy the festive season

Photographer Image by Maria Geli and Pilar Planagumà.


Traditions and experiences to enjoy the festive season

Christmas is a time for cannelloni, crisp biscuit rolls and nougat. But beyond the five-star gastronomy of the counties of Girona, the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees are full of options for everyone at Christmas. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy experiences and traditions, and to enjoy the festive season.

Tions for everyone

The tió is one of the most deeply rooted traditions of our Christmas. It is a piece of a log that is put in the house, wrapped in a blanket and fed every day. The aim: to make him shit out lots of presents at Christmas after being hit with a stick. Around this tradition, Camprodon offers a fun activity for everyone, which will also allow you to discover this town full of history and tradition in the heart of the Girona Pyrenees. This is Caçations, a proposal that hides Christmas tions in the forest, among fountains of fresh water and with personalised messages.

Camprodon. Jordi Renart. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG_G 21cm_300ppp Pantalla Alt Ress 2

A panoramic view of the river Ter at night as it passes over the New Bridge of Camprodon. It is a stone bridge with a large arch and a defence tower. Image by Jordi Renart.

You can book this activity until 22 December. And when you make the reservation, you can specify if you bring a pram or if you are a person with reduced mobility or a wheelchair user.

Nativity scenes, shepherds, angels and demons

Christmas without Nativity scenes is not Christmas. In Olot, until 7 January, you can visit the exhibition Pessebres a Olot (Nativity scenes in Olot). Four venues offer different exhibitions related to Nativity scenes, combining the most traditional and contemporary points of view. And if you prefer living Nativity scenes, this year the Pessebre Vivent de Brunyola (Living Nativity Scene of Brunyola) reaches its 42nd edition. The descent of the angel from the bell tower is the emblem of this Christmas event. Each year a day is set aside for the introductory explanation to be interpreted in sign language.

Shepherds, angels and demons are the stars of Christmas. Els Pastorets is a typical theatrical performance in our region. And in 2023, after a one-year hiatus, they return to Girona with a renewed, inclusive and innovative version. Joanet, a tiktoker who wants to get likes, is the common thread of the story that will be performed at the Municipal Theatre.

image_6483441_Foto pessebre vivent de Brunyola

The Three Kings are seated on a chair contemplating a Nativity scene. Image of the Pessebre Vivent de Brunyola.

The struggle between good and evil has also a special date in Torroella de Montgrí, which offers a free version in the Espai Ter under the title Pastorets km 0.

The magic of the Three Kings

The last days of the festive season are marked by the magic of the Three Kings. This year, the members of the Occupational Workshop of the Community and Independent Living Unit of the MAP Foundation in Ripoll are making lanterns to wait for the Three Kings inspired by various children’s characters.

Royal camps and cavalcades of the three kings are adapting to the new times and are open to everyone. This year, the Calonge royal camp has planned two sessions with Catalan Sign Language, and the Olot camp has reserved sessions adapted to children with ASD. As for the cavalcades of the three kings in Palafrugell, Banyoles and L’Escala, among others, there will be Catalan Sign Language interpreting. The Figueres’ cavalcade of the three kings will also include a low sensory intensity zone and the Girona’s will include areas reserved for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. You can listen to the audio story in Catalan about the Three Kings, published by Girona City Council and aimed at children with no or reduced vision.

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