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Waking up in dream locations


Waking up in dream locations

In this post we'll take a tour of the most unique accommodation options in the Girona counties

Some are located in the middle of the forest, others among meadows and fields, and others near the sea, but they all share a common goal: to offer their guests a memorable experience and some R&R like never before.

How marvellous it must be to sleep in a wooden tree cabin in a lush forest of pines and firs. The experience evokes a sense of peace, quiet and harmony that reminds us that we too are nature. The first to offer this type of comfortable, eco-friendly accommodation in Catalonia is Cabanes als Arbres, in Sant Hilari Sacalm, located up in the Guilleries massif.

sant hilari sacalm c lluis salinas

You can also find joy in a fabulous setting at the Can Buch Rural Ecohotel & Spa, a sustainable and self-sufficient country house in Sant Aniol de Finestres, in La Garrotxa, which serves plant-based, zero-kilometre cuisine. From minute one, the frenetic pace of life fades into the best kind of relaxedness. The same occurs at Les Cols Pavellons, a surprising place where earth, water and an endless array of reflections reign supreme. Stepping into a room or a bathroom is, in reality, stepping out into the surrounding landscape. It’s pure magic.

This break from the humdrum of daily life is just what Barcelona industrialist Ramón Volart and his wife, Paulita Pich, were looking for when they travelled to Puigcerdà at the turn of the 20th century. In 1920 they decided to buy the mansion closest to the lake and call it Villa Paulita. Today it’s a fantastic hotel where you can enjoy its amenities and experience all the attractions of Cerdanya.

puigcerda c maria geli c pilar planaguma

Also named after a woman and exuding the same elegance is Casa Anamaria, an eco-friendly hotel located in Ollers, in Pla de l’Estany, which relies on geothermal energy for its heating and cooling system. The rooms are impeccable, the food excellent and the outdoor saltwater swimming pool a very appealing feature.

The Casa Cacau Boutique Hotel, located in the heart of Girona city, offers amenities that make it a truly exclusive experience, starting with the fact that it belongs to the Celler de Can Roca restaurant. The fifteen rooms available are housed in a historic building in Plaça de Catalunya, offering a panoramic view of the old town that is as delectable as the chocolate they make. Oh, and the atelier is open for tours!

girona c josep oliva

The next top choices on our list are the Resguard dels Vents Rural Hotel & Spa in Ribes de Freser and Mas El Mir, in Ripollès. Resguard dels Vents is a mountain oasis located 1,000 metres above sea level in the Vall de Ribes. It’s owned by a family that has been involved in farming and stockbreeding in the area for decades and has taken care to minimise its environmental impact. Mas El Mir is another beautiful country house where every corner, every detail, every room, every patio is a prelude to the freedom and peace that you will find there.

resguard dels vents ribes de freser c el resguard dels vents

If the sea is calling out to you, head for Alt Empordà. On the road to Cadaqués you’ll find a place to stay that’s beyond exclusive: Sa Perafita. We say that because it only has four rooms, is blessed by a northern breeze and is also home to the Martín Faixó winery, an institution in the wine industry.

cadaques c roger lleixa

Llafranc is another little paradise. Here, perched on a cliff and signalling its presence to those arriving by sea, is the San Sebastián lighthouse. And it’s next to this shining guardian that Hotel El Far offers the cosiest nights in Baix Empordà. The nine rooms are spacious, sea-facing and elegant, boasting a terrace and endless views for you to take home in your memory.

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