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Girona, the perfect wellness destination


Girona, the perfect wellness destination

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The summer season is gradually approaching. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and, inevitably, we're all starting to think about our next holidays to relax and enjoy true wellness. If you're unsure about your next destination, we have just the place for you, a city that wins the heart of all who visit: Girona!

The city is located at the confluence of four rivers: the Ter, the Onyar, the Güell and the Galligants. Its historic centre, or Old Town, features unique monuments such as the Jewish quarter (one of the best preserved on the Iberian Peninsula), the colourful houses along the Onyar, the Arab baths and the cathedral. Have you been there? Girona is the perfect destination to enjoy a few days of peace and tranquillity thanks to its blend of history, legends, good food, culture and nature! Everyone who visits will want to come back!

A great choice to start your getaway is the Montjuïc Boutique B&B. More than a hotel, it’s an idyllic setting brimming with authenticity and it’s only a 10-minute walk from Girona Old Town. The house preserves the essence of noble materials, using recycled elements and natural insulation, creating quiet and comfortable spaces, an oasis of green nature and harmonious silence in the beautiful city of Girona. Enjoy the luxury of the little things at the Montjuïc Boutique B&B!

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Montjuïc Boutique B&B


Relax as if you were in your own home, taking in spectacular views of the city and the Girona Pyrenees and enjoying a wide range of services designed for your comfort, such as online check-in, a library, a concierge service, a relaxation area with an outdoor swimming pool and spa with views, and an in-house laundry that uses environmentally friendly products. Plus, the hotel relies on local suppliers and is committed to recycling and responsible energy consumption.

Montjuïc Boutique B&B also offers slow life experiences, helping you to slow down and take control of your time in order to achieve a better quality of life. The idea is to enjoy your free time calmly, to take pleasure in doing nothing, to unwind and have a laugh with friends, to connect with nature and to reconnect with yourself. In short, to have fun and cherish the little things in life.

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Montjuïc Boutique B&B


Can you imagine taking a stroll among fields, olive groves and forests, in and out of old Girona? Now you can, with one of the activities offered by Montjuïc Boutique B&B: “Taste the Mediterranean diet. Walking through the greenest Girona”. Along the way, you’ll discover what the Mediterranean diet is by tasting aromatic and medicinal herbs. An experience where you can be at one with nature and enjoy the sound of silence.

Another nature-related option is to learn about the edible wild greens and flowers in the area that can be used to prepare healthy dishes. This is the “We cook wild” workshop. Discover the wide range of safe-to-eat plants in nature and take a closer look at some of them. It’s finger-licking good!

If you want to enjoy all-round wellness, you mustn’t miss the “Wellness pack”, a thoughtful gift for anyone wishing to enjoy the hotel without staying there overnight. This couple’s pack includes one hour in a private jacuzzi overlooking Girona, a bottle of eco-friendly cava and a 30-minute couple’s massage.

To really lean into the peace and tranquillity of your getaway, you can try a yoga session or class with Happy Yoga Girona. This specialised centre has been offering regular classes and training instructors in the service of health, wellness and personal growth in Girona since 2006.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular and is a practice that can bring us many  benefits if we incorporate it into our daily lives. A huge catalogue of meditation options and workshops for all ages awaits, to help you relieve stress from your mind and body while improving your spinal health, flexibility, circulation and meditation skills. Are you ready to transport your body and mind to a state of wellness?

If instead you’re keen on immersing yourself in a unique setting soaked in tranquillity, silence and harmony, the Aqva Roman Baths in Girona are for you! Located in Girona’s iconic Old Town, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The centre offers a thermal baths circuit comprising three baths at different temperatures. Using the original Roman nomenclature, there is the Tepidarium, which is the warm water area; the Caldarium, the hot water area; and the Frigidarium, the cold water area.

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PTCBG Image Archive. Aqva Roman Baths. Girona. Javi Cabrera.

Girona. Javi Cabrera.

Indulge in a world of sensations and serenity at the Aqva Roman Baths in Girona, an exceptional setting for a traditional, centuries-old practice. Join us for a unique experience brimming with pure wellness!

To cap off your getaway, we suggest signing up for one of the cookery workshops taught by Matthias Hespe at the EspaiCuinarSa. You will learn to build a relationship with food and eat healthily to strive for wellness and improved physical and mental health. You’ll also learn how to practice mindful eating with local and zero-kilometre food.

If you’re still looking for more wellness ideas, check out the article “Urban wellness in Girona” and come to discover this city and enjoy a unique experience with family or friends.

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