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Hiking in Ripollès, a mesmerising area to discover, step by step


Hiking in Ripollès, a mesmerising area to discover, step by step

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The best way to discover a region is to walk its paths, step by step, and the Ripollès region has an incredible selection of trails and routes to tempt you to do just that.

It is no coincidence that it is the birthplace of Catalan hiking, a region, bearing traces of a thousand-year-old culture, where walking through valleys and mountains and linking towns with walking trails has always formed part of the identity of its people.

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A hiker taking in the views of the Collada de Toses

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, you’ll find hundreds of kilometres of paths and routes to suit all tastes, from short but pleasant family walks to legendary summit hikes and staged trails. And all set in areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as Headwaters of the Rivers Ter and Freser Natural Park and the Ribes and Camprodon valleys.

A hiking tour of Ripollès

If you are looking to really immerse yourself in the region’s landscape, discovering every corner of its glorious natural areas, the Hiking Tour of Ripollès is for you. A wonderful hiking route divided into eight stages, which can even be extended to nine. This is a truly magnificent round-trip, which will allow you to discover some of the most popular and wildest places in Ripollès, as well as its best-kept secrets. One of the attractions of this hike is that it takes you on a journey through constantly transforming landscapes: riparian forests at the bottom of the valleys, mountain forests, subalpine forests, alpine meadows, glacial cirques … the list goes on.

Setcases. Albert Duch. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

The scenery around Setcases

Coll de la Marrana. Oscar Dominguez. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG 1

Sunset from the Coll de la Marrana

As this route is divided into several stages, each between 10 and 15 kilometres long, it is recommended for experienced hikers accustomed to walking in mid- and high-mountain terrain.

The trail sets out from Ripoll, with stops in Gombrèn, Planoles, Queralbs, Ulldeter, Espinavell, Camprodon and Pardines.

Overnight accommodation is available in all these towns or, alternatively, you can pack a lightweight tent and camp on the designated sites.

All route information on the Itinerànnia network

The complete Itinerànnia trail network offers you more than 200 routes in the Ripollès region, spanning all levels of difficulty. From short walks to do as a family and introduce your children to hiking, to climbing the region’s emblematic peaks, such as Puigmal, Bastiments, Gra de Fajol, Costabona, Taga…

Pirineu de Girona. Maria Geli Pilar Planaguma. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

The Itinerànnia advanced mobile app also allows you to complete the routes whenever you like, in line with all the relevant safety parameters so that you never lose your way.

Photos: Oscar Domínguez, Albert Duch, Maria Geli and Pilar Planagumà, PTCBG Image Archive


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