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Segway tours in the Pyrenees

Photographer Altitud Extrem


You are sure to be familiar with this new form of electric vehicle which works on the basis of body balance

but until you come and try it out with us as we go off the beaten track, through the forest, you won’t be able to say that you’ve had the full Segway driving experience.

All our outings benefit from the guidance of a professional instructor who will show you the route and teach you how to drive a Segway. Your instructor will give you an initial 10-15-minute driving lesson and then you will head out on a trail that gets progressively harder as it goes along, covering all kinds of roads and tracks and, if you are skilled enough, even going cross-country.

Due to the various speed controls offered by the device, driving a Segway is an activity that is suitable for everyone and is a fun family activity.

Photographer Altitud Extrem

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