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Caldes de Malavella, a wellspring of wellness


Caldes de Malavella, a wellspring of wellness

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It's the perfect place to replenish your health and wellness, seek emotional stability and embrace mindfulness

Caldes de Malavella, a town located halfway between the Costa Brava and the Guilleries mountain range, is full of contrasts and traditions. In addition to its heritage and architectural wealth, which bears witness to all the civilisations that have lived there over the centuries, Caldes de Malavella is a wellspring of wellness. In one single town, you can enjoy the benefits of thermal springs that have been used for thousands of years, indulge in local cuisine, play at the top golf resort in Europe and soak up nature on the more than 140 kilometres of hiking trails it has to offer.

It’s the perfect place to replenish your health and wellness, seek emotional stability and embrace mindfulness, all in a nature-filled setting that invites its guests to embark on a life-changing experience. 

The Caldes de Malavella springs

If you’re looking for relaxation, there’s a reason why this is the perfect destination for you: thermal springs. Thermal springs and spas have become a main hallmark of this region over the centuries, mainly due to their healing properties and hydrotherapeutic treatments. 

Caldes de Malavella has always been home to thermal springs, with water that descends from an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, acquiring its mineral-medicinal properties along the way.

Understanding the benefits of these springs, the Romans settled in Caldes de Malavella and named it Aquae Calidae. The hot, carbonated water is collected by the bottling plants and various facilities in the town, such as the Vichy Catalan Spa Resort.

Balneari Vichy Catalan Caldes de Malavella. Karel Noppe. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG 1

Balneari Vichy Catalan

Caldes de Malavella. Karel-Noppe.

Much more than a spa

Apart from its accommodation and thermal spa services, the Vichy Catalan Spa Resort offers total tranquillity in a natural have of peace. Its garden and common areas are steeped in years of history, the building has been deemed an architectural heritage site in Catalonia, and it has an outdoor swimming pool and other amenities that make it a true temple of wellness.

Balneari Vichy Catalan. Caldes de Malavella. Javi Cabrera. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG 1

Balneari Vichy Catalan

Caldes de Malavella. Karel-Noppe.

Using mineral-medicinal thermal water, the resort offers a wide range of body care and beauty treatments. Many people of all different ages and interests come to enjoy the spa and thermal bath circuit. Here, guests can enjoy a soothing experience, unplug from everyday life and treat themselves to a spot of wellness.

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Balneari Vichy Catalan

Caldes de Malavella. Karel-Noppe.

The special treatments, such as the stress relief programme and purifying programme, are some of the most popular, as they are able to offer guests general relaxation and reduce their stress or discomfort through massages and other disciplines. Saunas, inhalation treatments, pressure showers, horizontal showers, massages, mud and paraffin wraps, lymphatic drainage, slimming or firming treatments, and many other beauty and wellness therapies… all in one place.

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Balneari Vichy Catalan

Caldes de Malavella. Karel-Noppe.

At the Vichy Catalan Spa Resort you can also enjoy a range of balanced meals prepared with market-fresh, local products, making the old saying «we are what we eat» a reality. Healthy eating is synonymous with physical and emotional health.

A spectacular natural setting

The county of La Selva is a rich natural setting for those interested in moderate-intensity sport: from the so-called ‘km 0’ point located above La Mina thermal spring, visitors can enjoy more than ten hiking and mountain biking trails through the area’s landscape.

The Chapels Route, for example, is great for those wishing to discover thousand-year-old trees and explore forests brimming with rivers and fantastic views of the region. So much so that the local council has drawn up an inventory of remarkable trees and trees of local interest, listing their characteristics, measurements, history and other key aspects, such as ways to protect them. Naturally, a number of activities related to forest bathing and other healing therapies are carried out in this area. The exceptional woodlands are known for their medicinal properties, capable of fighting off illnesses or supporting other health treatments. The Sèlvans Association organises several forest bathing activities in Can Fornaca, a natural setting that offers visitors the peace and quiet they’re looking for.

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Associació Sèlvans


A revitalising destination

The people of Caldes de Malavella are aware of the heritage their town possesses, which is why they aim to continue searching for new tourism experiences while offering visitors an environmentally friendly, sustainable trip, with the idea of becoming the perfect destination for switching off and reconnecting with oneself in an idyllic natural setting. All its services and facilities are an invitation to pursue personal health and the ultimate goal of finding emotional and physical balance.

Balneari Vichy Catalan Caldes de Malavella. Maria Geli i Pilar Planaguma. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

Balneari Vichy Catalan

Caldes de Malavella. Karel-Noppe.

‘’Malavella’t Caldes, vila termal’’: this is the spa town’s slogan, a play on the suggestive Catalan phrase meravella’t, which means something like ‘be amazed’, and the town’s own name. With everything we described above, this idea of amazement makes perfect sense, as does the use of blues to reference water, reds to reflect the water’s hot temperature and the region’s thermal springs and volcanoes, and green to evoke nature and active tourism in the area.

Without a doubt, Caldes de Malavella is the perfect blend of wellness, health, active tourism and nature. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the town’s health and wellness tourism activities and services, follow it on Facebook (@turismecaldes), Twitter (@Turisme_Caldes) and Instagram (@visit_caldes), or check out our Wellness Costa Brava social media accounts.

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