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Wellness returns to the Costa Brava and Girona pyrenees


Wellness returns to the Costa Brava and Girona pyrenees

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Taking time for ourselves and our wellness will help us to cope with situations of uncertainty or change, as well as the struggles of everyday life.

Little by little we’re regaining the freedom to move about as we please. The new challenge will be to adapt to this new way of life, where health and hygiene will continue to play a key role. Even more critically, it’s time to check in with our emotions and well-being. With life at a standstill, we had the chance to reflect, to face the fact that we can’t control everything and to realise the importance of focusing on what we can. Taking time for ourselves and our wellness will help us to cope with situations of uncertainty or change, as well as the struggles of everyday life.

These days at home were also an opportunity for yoga, mindfulness, healthy cooking and discovering other activities that are good for our health. Although remotely and online, we were able to engage in workshops and classes on the channels of several Health and Wellness Club companies. But now our bodies are telling us to get outside, seize the day, devote more time to ourselves, restore our inner peace, and reconnect with nature and our environment.

With that in mind, we’ve created this post to let you in on the upcoming reopenings and wellness activities that the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees have to offer, so that you can choose whichever one best fits your needs.

Reconnecting with the environment

There’s no better way to feel at one with nature than through forest bathing, as forest therapy can provide numerous health benefits. The Sèlvans Cooperative has already begun to pack its agenda with activities designed for anyone wishing to soak up some forest magic.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Photo: Javi Cabrera.

Girona. Javi Cabrera

Other facilities in the area are also reopening to welcome guests looking to wrap themselves in wellness and embrace the benefits of the natural environment. As of 19 June you’ll be able to enjoy the tranquillity of the Vall de Ribes at the Resguard dels Vents Rural Hotel. From 26 June onwards, Casa Santa Elena, located in the Solius Valley, will once again be the perfect place for meditation and personal retreat. In the coming weeks it will also be hosting activities for healthcare workers, so that they can find a moment to slow down and deepen their mindfulness in order to apply this philosophy to their daily lives.

For cycling and yoga lovers, La Bruguera will be reopening on 26 June. Located in the town of Púbol, it’s the perfect place to replenish your strength and soak up the surrounding landscape. It’s also an excellent option for families looking for a place to get together, enjoy all its facilities and find solace away from the hustle and bustle. In addition to its range of services, the complex adheres to the principles of sustainable rural tourism. In fact, all the power it uses comes from renewable sources, making it even more friendly to its environment. 

La Garrotxa, another beautiful part of Girona, can also be the perfect destination for the coming days. Mas Garganta, a 14th-century country house, is designed to host lovers of rural tourism. It will be picking up its activities and retreats as of 19 June.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Photo: Javi Cabrera.

Girona. Javi Cabrera

If you’re looking for another option to organise wellness activities in a natural setting, Can Felicià is just the place. Available from the end of June, it has the added bonus of kilometre zero cuisine. All the products used are local and high-quality. You can also take part in cooking workshops or classes with the establishment’s resident chef.

In Girona, you can once again enjoy the services and attractions of a big city while at the same time revelling in the quiet beauty of its historic centre. The Ciutat de Girona Hotel is the perfect accommodation to switch off for a few days and explore the city. It’s scheduled to reopen for guests at the end of June.

To make the most of your stay, the city offers other wellness options such as the Aqva Roman Baths. Located in the heart of Girona Old Town, it’s a modern urban spa that has recaptured the essence and ritual of Roman-era bathing, immersing you in harmony and relaxation in a magnificent building of great historical value. It reopened on 11 June.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Vichy Catalan Spa Resort – Photo: Javi Cabrera.

Caldes de Malavella. Javi Cabrera.

If you’re after a quieter getaway, an interesting option is the Vichy Catalan Spa Resort, whose facilities are designed to bring total relaxation and feature micro-medicinal water. The resort, which is set to reopen on 22 June, allows guests to enjoy therapeutic treatments, the amenities of a large hotel, and the tranquillity and charm of Caldes de Malavella. The town’s tourist office will be up and running again on 22 June, along with guided tours and the AQUAE museum centre

A sea of therapy

For weeks we’ve been longing to enjoy the sea, walk on the sand, feel the breeze and listen to the sound of the waves… There’s no better way to rediscover these pleasures than by visiting the Costa Brava.

The Sallés Cala del Pi Hotel & Spa in Platja d’Aro, the Terraza Hotel & Spa in Roses, the S’Agaró Hotel, Spa & Wellness Centrethe Elke Hotel & Spa in Sant Feliu de Guíxolsthe Gem Wellness Hotel & Spa and the Santa Marta Hotel & Spa in Lloret de Mar all plan to reopen in the coming weeks. These hotels are taking the necessary steps to welcome their guests with the proper health and safety measures in place. Their seafront location makes them the perfect place to relax this summer. 

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PTCBG Image Archive – Santa Marta Hotel – Photo: Javi Cabrera.

Lloret de Mar. Javi Cabrera.

Another way to enjoy the sea is by doing yoga and other outdoor mindfulness exercises, which is why Lloret Turisme is preparing several summer activities for those craving a wellness experience on the Costa Brava. 

Also very much connected to the sea and outdoor activities is Edgar Tarrés, who has also resumed his calendar of activities. Drawing from the best of mindfulness and nature, he puts together experiences near the coast, for example in the Bay of Roses, where he’s planning activities in the midst of nature, to enjoy the sunrise, the beach and other activities related to art and culture in these exceptional settings. 

Exercise and healthy eating are back

Happy Yoga Girona is up and running again. You can now book a time to attend class and get back into your favourite activities. It’s also introducing a new service: online yoga. Students can continue to connect to the live-streamed classes from home, as they could during lockdown, as it proved most popular. 

Risum is also returning with its yoga workshops in Les Planes d’Hostoles, while also offering classes in some accommodation establishments in the area. It is currently preparing a calendar of outdoor activities for this summer, including yoga near a volcano.

What we eat has a huge impact on our physical and emotional health. That’s why mindful nutrition expert Marta Romaní wants to convey the importance of our diet through workshops, recipes, classes and other activities. If you’re craving more insight into this world, you can do so by taking her in-person or online workshops. Matthias Hespe, who has 30 years’ experience in healthy, balanced cooking under his belt, shows what it takes to lead a sustainable life and become part of the solution. He has been back to business at EspaiCuinarSa since the beginning of June, focusing mainly on one-to-one workshops and personalised coaching, although he’s looking forward to restarting his activities and experiences for tourist groups and companies when the situation allows.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Matthias Hespe (EspaiCuinarSa) – Photo: Javi Cabrera.

Girona. Javi Cabrera.

In addition to the establishments mentioned above, we also want to shine a light on the work being done by the Salut Empordà Foundation. It has been offering services round the clock throughout the health crisis and is now gradually resuming all the other complementary services it has available.

For weeks now, the establishments and services on the Costa Brava have been following all the recommended measures and protocols as rigorously as possible, attending to every detail so that you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the summer and having time for yourself. Tourist accommodation, travel agencies, restaurants, beaches, leisure and cultural centres and venues, tour guides, transport operators and shops, among others, are adhering to the sector-specific regulations issued by the official government authorities. After going so long without seeing our loved ones or giving ourselves the care we deserve, it’s amazing that we have so many options within reach to once again enjoy health and wellness experiences on the Costa Brava and in the Girona Pyrenees. So what’s your favourite idea?

Costa Brava — Girona Pyrenees Wellness Tourism Sector Opening date
Aqva Roman Baths  Currently open
Vichy Catalan Spa Resort 22 June
Can Felicià End of June
Casa Santa Elena 26 June
Sèlvans Cooperative Currently open
Edgar Tarrés Currently open
Elke Hotel & Spa 19 June
Salut Empordà Foundation Currently open
Happy Yoga Girona Currently open
Can Xiquet Hotel 1 July
Ciutat de Girona Hotel 22 June
Gem Wellness Hotel & Spa End of June
Resguard dels Vents Hotel 19 June
Terraza Hotel & Spa End of June
La Bruguera in Púbol 26 June
Lloret Turisme Currently open
Marta Romaní Currently open
Mas Garganta 19 June
Matthias Hespe Currently open
Caldes de Malavella Tourist Office 22 June
Risum Currently open
S’Agaró Hotel, Spa & Wellness Centre 19 June
Sallés Cala del Pi Hotel & Spa 19 June
Santa Marta Hotel & Spa End of June

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