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Blanes, the gateway to spectacular cycling on the Costa Brava


Blanes, the gateway to spectacular cycling on the Costa Brava

Although riding a bike is always a pleasure, doing it in a natural setting like Blanes helps make the experience even more special.

Cycling is so much more than a sport, it also adds to our personal well-being and quality of life and the arrival of spring has once again opened up the opportunity to explore vivid landscapes and to a multitude of cyclists who, like you, are eager to get out and enjoy the extensive catalogue of secondary roads and iconic mountain ports that the province has to offer.

As part of its clear commitment to active tourism, Blanes has designed a number of routes for different fitness levels all linked by the common goal of delivering the ultimate cycling pleasure amongst stunning scenery that make the perfect accompaniment to this activity.

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Blanes has all the elements to embark on some unforgettable cycling adventures

Road routes from Blanes to Llagostera, passing through Tossa de Mar (82 km)

A trip that shows off the best of the Costa Brava and that, with the return of the good weather, bathes us in the gorgeous light that glints off the Mediterranean, splashing the coastal roads with the first shoots of springtime greenery. The ride starts on the road that runs from Blanes to Lloret de Mar, a 9 km route past spectacular coves and beaches, tracing the coastline to Tossa de Mar. An easy ride ideal for clocking up a steady pace.

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The route from Blanes to Llagostera

Following in the wake of professional cyclists

From Tossa we now head inland to Llagostera, where you get to test your endurance on a wide road with a continuous gentle ascent. And in Llagostera, it is time to catch your breath, with an about-turn to start the descent that will take you back to the coastal road to Tossa de Mar, and from there to Blanes.

The appeal of Blanes and its natural environment has not escaped the notice of organisers of events on the international cycling calendar, with the town having hosted timed climb stages of the Volta a Catalunya on several occasions, along with cycling races and other events that form part of the Catalan cycling racing scene.


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Arriving in Blanes, with its backdrop of beaches

Cycling tourism Costa Brava and Garrotxa: Blanes – Sils – Sant Esteve de Llémena (154 km)

If endurance is your thing, this long-distance route provides the perfect challenge. An irregular circuit, with numerous ascents and descents, that promises changes of pace that will prove the ultimate test of fitness.

Setting out from Blanes, the first stop is Sils. The regional road will take you to Anglès where the steepest and most challenging part of the route begins, running directly to Sant Esteve de Llémena, where you will find countless hiking routes that you can combine with your cycling.

From Sant Esteve we head to Planes d’Hostoles in the Cogolls and Hostoles valleys, surrounded by towering, 1,000 metre-high cliffs and the Puig Rodó volcano. This valley forms part of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. From Planes, a winding road climbs up towards Santa Coloma de Farners where you get back on flat terrain all the way back to Blanes.

Blanes also offers a range of other cycling tourism options, such as the very pleasant and easy to ride to Taradell (137 km),which starts with a wide road that is perfect for a leisurely cycle while drinking in the Selva scenery along the way.

Here you will find a whole world of cycling routes to discover the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees.

Photos: Blanes Tourist Office


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