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Vol de Coloms

Vol de Coloms brings you a hot air balloon trip over one of Europe’s most fascinating dormant volcanic areas, Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. On clear days, you can see Montserrat, the Mediterranean, Pedraforca, Canigó, Montseny… With the Pyrenees as a permanent backdrop and the volcanoes below your feet.

The activity requires an early start to make the most of the cooler and more stable atmospheric conditions and gentle winds. We meet at the Vol de Coloms facilities by the Croscat volcano, where the launch site is located. Enjoy a pre-flight coffee and pastry, while you take in the scenery, snap some photos or get involved with preparing the balloon.

All the baskets are fitted with a door making this activity accessible to everyone. Our flight path is determined by the wind but we will be airborne for 60 to 90 minutes. During the trip, you will be able to enjoy a glass of rosé cava, which symbolises the colour of the volcanic land, and sample a delicious slice of coca de llardons, a typical sweet treat. On landing, you and your crew will head off for a wonderful hearty breakfast of bread with tomato and cured meats, sausage and Santa Pau beans, Cooperativa la Fageda yoghurts, wine, ratafia and coffee. To finish the adventure, you will be given a flight certificate signed by the pilot!

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