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50 seconds and a lifetime of unforgettable experiences


50 seconds and a lifetime of unforgettable experiences

Give us a minute! Less even... 50 seconds. Just 50 seconds of your time... in exchange for hours and hours of incredible experiences, weeks and months of unique and exciting activities, years of fascinating adventures in nature and a lifetime to remember them.

In this video we’ll take you on a journey from the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava to discover paradise by land, sea and air. A trip to explore landscapes that provide the setting for the long list of activities that we have put together for you in this blog so that you can take full advantage of everything on offer, from the high mountains of the Pyrenees, to the land of volcanoes, to the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

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So, if you’re ready to play… come with us to experience the sensations of a whole range of activities. One after another, in 50 seconds… savour the scents of the landscape, the shifting light that accompanies each season, the adrenaline rush… Let’s start with the big chill and snow. All set? Jump in and live life to the max!

Snowshoeing among majestic scenery in the heart of the Pyrenean forests, where you will also find exclusive mountain skiing trails. Now we pick up speed, with spectacular runs down the slopes of the Girona Pyrenees alpine ski resorts. Quick change!

We will kit you out with everything you need to safely climb the via ferratas, by the sea and in the high mountains. Experience the thrill and fun of the adventure parks, with zip lines and hanging bridges. Now lace up your walking boots!Hiking routes stretching from one end of the region to the other. Or hop on a bicycle to explore at a different pace, with an endless catalogue of cycling tourism options.

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On we go! Let’s add an injection of adrenaline… with canyoning through the best rivers and gorges or a parachute jump that you will never forget. Are we still flying high? So, let’s really do it, taking to the skies in a hot air balloon, enjoying the peace and admiring the landscape from such a privileged viewpoint.

globus la garrotxa vol coloms

Back on terra firma now, but no time to relax! Get active by running the trail circuits that will take you through some of the Costa Brava’s unique landscapes, hidden corners that you can also explore section by section as you hike the cliff-hugging Camins de Ronda coastal paths that trace the shoreline of this stunning area.

What, still looking for more? 50 seconds can take you a long way…even to challenging yourself to tackle some of the stage trails, either by MTB or road bike, or head out onto the water and experience the sensation of gliding across the sea on a kayak trip along the Costa Brava.

embaracio costa brava

And you still have time to fit in some nautical fun, perhaps by taking a sailing course or submerging yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean to discover the amazing world reserved only for those ready to take the plunge and try their hand at scuba diving.

Time’s up! 50 seconds — no more, no less. All that’s left now is to decide when your own incredible adventure to discover these stunning landscapes will begin!

Photos: PTCBG Image Archive

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