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Girona: a city to discover, a thousand stories to experience


Girona: a city to discover, a thousand stories to experience

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Bordering the Costa Brava and the mountains of the Pyrenees, Girona awaits, ready to enchant you with the welcoming charm of its towns and villages and captivate you with the magic of its big cities.

Girona has a distinct essence that makes it unique. A special beauty that is difficult to describe or find in any other city in the world. If you thought it was just a place to pass through on your way to enjoy the beaches of the Costa Brava or the Pyrenean mountains, you couldn’t be more wrong.

If you like surprises, you won’t be disappointed. Explore Girona your own way. Wander the old town, brimming with history, packed with experiences. In just a few square kilometres you will discover an impressive array of architectural and historical gems evoking a variety of ages.

And if you prefer to plan your visit armed with some tips on things to do and see in Girona, here is a selection of unmissable activities and must-see sites. The classic list of house recommendations. All sure-fire hits. All unforgettable.

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Houses on the River Onyar

Girona’s social media profile shot would surely be one that shows the brightly coloured houses reflected in the water of the River Onyar. It’s a view that you can capture for yourself from the various bridges that cross the river, connecting the old town with the new, one of the most iconic of which is the Peixateres Bridge, designed by Gustave Eiffel.

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The Jewish Quarter

Girona’s Jewish quarter is one of the city’s greatest treasures and one of the most well-preserved districts of its kind in the world. It is made up of a labyrinth of narrow streets, courtyards, winding steps, romantic corners and picturesque sites that whisper of its many centuries of history. Stroll the streets without a map to experience the adventure of losing and finding your way.

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Girona Cathedral

Girona’s Gothic cathedral is one of its most emblematic sites. It was built between the eleventh  and eighteenth centuries, with a single grand central nave. Its imposing structure stands at the top of a long expanse of stone steps. But don’t forget to head inside as well for a chance to admire, among many other wonders, some highly valuable examples of Romanesque art.

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The Arab Baths

A unique space that is, in reality, a Romanesque complex dating back to the twelfth century, inspired by Roman baths with Arabic influences. A brief journey back in time to relive age-old traditions as you tour the various beautifully decorated spaces.

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Sant Pere de Galligants and Sant Nicolau

This eighteenth century Benedictine monastery is a must-see historical site. It is one of Catalonia’s most important Romanesque sites, holding notable treats such as the cloister and the neighbouring chapel of Sant Nicolau. It is currently home to the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia.

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The Basilica of Sant Feliu

Another obligatory stop on this historical tour is a visit to Girona’s earliest cathedral, the Basilica of Sant Feliu. It combines Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements, and invites you to climb its prominent bell tower to enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside.

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Girona city walls

Walking the trail that takes you along Girona’s old walls is one of the city’s most exhilarating experiences. The route includes the longest stretches of Carolingian wall in Europe, which date back to the ninth century. The old watchtowers now make for excellent vantage points to stop for a while and, if you time it right, be treated to a wonderful sunset into the bargain.

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Devesa Park

Beyond the historic city, you can press pause on your fantastic journey through time with a rest in Devesa Park, Girona’s expanse of green space and the largest urban park in Catalonia.

Game of Thrones in Girona

If you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones saga, don’t miss the various tourism routes that take you around the different locations that were featured in episodes of this popular series.


A medieval photographic journey through Girona

Do you like photography? The photo guide Girona. The Medieval Journey is full of suggestions on locations and tips for capturing spectacular shots of the most photogenic city you will have ever come across.

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City of Festivals

Girona has an exciting cultural scene. The city’s events calendar includes some of Europe’s top festivals in their given discipline, such as the International Circus Festival, Temporada Alta (performing arts), In-Somni (new music trends) and the Jazz Festival.


In full bloom

Every May, Girona puts on a resplendent display of floral splendour, when visitors are treated to the gorgeous spectacle of the city’s streets, courtyards, gardens and sights decked out in blooms of every colour.


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