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A sensation-filled journey through the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees


A sensation-filled journey through the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees

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  • Met een passie voor communicatie en voor de prachtige landschappen van de Costa Brava en de Pyreneeën van Girona.

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So let's take a sensation-filled journey through the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees together. How does it look in your mind's eye?

The heat is starting to let up, but we’re still eager to enjoy everything that this slice of earth has to offer. So let’s take a sensation-filled journey through the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees together. How does it look in your mind’s eye?

A route to rest and relax 

Find peace and well-being in the region’s spas and wellness resorts, enjoy a perfect stay in one of their rooms, and choose from any of the top-rate treatments and services they have prepared for the coming months.

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PTCBG Image Archive – S’Agaró Hotel, Spa & Wellness Centre


On the beachfront in Roses you’ll find the Terraza Hotel & Spa, an amazing place to relax and work on yourself in its bathing and fitness areas. If we continue along the coastline, we can stop at the Sallés Cala del Pi Hotel & Spa in Platja d’Aro to enjoy a five-star stay and a range of experiences to discover L’Empordà through all five senses. A little further on we come to the S’Agaró Hotel, Spa & Wellness Centre. Its services are focused on health and life cycles, offering massages and treatments with natural and active products found in the area. The Elke Hotel & Spa awaits us in Sant Feliu de Guíxols. This new boutique hotel not only oozes elegance and luxury, but it’s also right on the seafront. There’s a pool, a jacuzzi, saunas and massage rooms for facial and body treatments, which you can get whether you’re a guest at the hotel or you’re just looking for a relaxing break.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Terraza Hotel & Spa


Accompanied by the sea breeze we reach Lloret de Mar, an innovative and pioneering tourist destination for making wellness the focus. Its wide-ranging offer includes accommodation with impressive sea views, swim spas and treatment centres. One fine example is the Santa Marta Hotel & Spa, which has the amenities to help you disconnect from your routine and get a much-needed health boost. Plus, Lloret de Mar is promoting healthy eating in its establishments. In fact, it’s currently home to more AMED-accredited restaurants serving Mediterranean food than any other town in Girona.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Gem Wellness Hotel & Spa

Lloret de Mar.

A route to get away

Our sensation-filled journey has several ideas for you to get away and break up the monotony of everyday life. The thermal springs in Caldes de Malavella have been a unique and defining hallmark of the town since ancient times, making it synonymous with hydrothermal therapies and health promotion. The Vichy Catalan Spa Resort is a masterpiece of 19th-century Modernisme. Today, it’s the perfect place to rest, relax and replenish your life force.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Vichy Catalan Spa Resort

Caldes de Malavella.

For an urban getaway, head to Girona’s Ciutat de Girona Hotel to discover the city with intensity and all five senses, thanks to its amazing facilities and responsible tourism experiences. Drawing on the wisdom of our ancestors, Aqva Roman Baths has brought back the ritual of Roman bathing so that we can experience it today and get some much-needed pampering. A visit to Girona would not be complete without stopping off at Alimara Espai Salut to discover its eco-shop, its mindful eating tips and its range of natural therapies.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Aqva Roman Baths


If you’re looking for special places to escape to, you’ll find accommodation options that are designed to offer you relaxation and a few days of peace and quiet all over Girona. In Cantallops, in the heart of L’Alt Empordà, the Can Xiquet Hotel is a wonderful setting with extraordinary views. At Casa Santa Elena on the Cadiretes massif, you’ll find the right atmosphere of tranquillity for your rest or retreat. If you’re craving an active wellness retreat instead, La Bruguera in Púbol offers a range of options for all preferences. It also serves dishes from its own vegetable garden and uses 100% renewable energy.

A route to surround yourself with nature

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the natural environment, to go on a hike or walk in silence and feel the beauty of its light and textures. The Resguard dels Vents Hotel, located at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, allows guests to enjoy excellent views of the Vall de Ribes while soaking up the tranquillity and silence of the surrounding meadows and forests. 

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PTCBG Image Archive – Mas Garganta


Heading over to La Garrotxa you’ll find Mas Garganta, a 14th-century country house in the Vall d’en Bas that welcomes guests all year round out of its love for sharing and doing nature activities. Meanwhile, Can Felicià in Beuda offers intensive weekends for you to brush off the burden of obligation and reconnect with yourself while learning more about plant-based cuisine and healthy, environmentally responsible eating in its range of workshops. The woodlands in Girona go on for miles and offer splendid landscapes, making them the perfect complement to your health treatments. Discover the depth of their wonder through forest bathing with the Sèlvans Cooperative: gentle steps, the embrace of silence, relaxation, mindful breathing, contemplation and reconnection with nature through all five senses.

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PTCBG Image Archive – Sèlvans Cooperative


A route for self-care and learning

In addition to the health and wellness options available on the Costa Brava and in the Girona Pyrenees, there are also services by professional experts who provide coaching, workshops, courses and unique experiences to learn how to build self-care into our daily routines.

Salut Empordà Healthcare offers the services of various medical and surgical specialities, as well as complementary services such as assisted reproduction, medical and sports check-ups and dental treatments. Edgar Tarrés proposes experiences centred on mindfulness to find times and places for healthy tranquillity in the lives of people and organisations.

Another highlight in the world of mindfulness and well-being is Ess Empordà, an experiential artistic wellness centre with an innovative approach inspired by healing art, tradition and local avant-gardism. Here you can challenge your mind in a fun new way, using therapeutic techniques to work on your emotions and senses, thus achieving the perfect balance to feel your body and avoid overthinking.

Our healthy Mediterranean food is also an essential part of this sensation-filled journey. EspaiCuinarSa is run by Matthias Hespe, who boasts 25 years’ experience and expertise in macrobiotic cooking, which you can learn about and practise in his workshops. Marta Romaní invites people to venture into the world of mindful nutrition through group workshops and one-to-one sessions on vegetarian and vegan cooking.

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PTCBG Image Archive – EspaiCuinarSa


If you’d like to use movement to heal your mind and body, Happy Yoga Girona offers different types of yoga for all levels and ages. This is a great way to improve your spinal health, flexibility, circulation and meditation skills. At Risum you can find time and space for yourself to forget your stress through yoga and Nordic walking, work on your body in a balanced, symmetrical way and improve your physical and emotional well-being.

This autumn, will you go on a sensation-filled journey through the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees with us? We can’t wait to see you again!

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