Teatre Museu Dali Figueres. David Aparicio. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG 5 copia 2 Teatre Museu Dali Figueres. David Aparicio. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG 5 copia 2

The blogger Cory Lee visits Costa Brava

Photographer Photograph by David Aparicio.


The blogger Cory Lee visits Costa Brava

Ambitious, creative and brave. This is how Cory Lee, a blogger and influencer who started the blog Curb Free with Cory Lee 10 years ago, describes himself. His aim is to inspire other wheelchair users like him to step out of their comfort zone and discover the beauty of the world. After travelling to all seven continents, Lee has become an authoritative voice in the world of accessible travel. He admits that sometimes travelling is not easy, but he also embraces his desire to explore the world. This June he visited the Costa Brava. L'Escala, Girona and Figueres have been part of his tour.

History, art and the city

Cory Lee confesses on his social media that he is not a lover of art museums, but he was fascinated by the Dalí Theatre-Museum: “Dalí’s art is extremely unique and I was delighted to discover it in this museum”. The Dalí Theatre-Museum, located on the ruins of a former theatre, is a complex building, but has spaces that are accessible to wheelchair users. This is the case of the central courtyard, the stage, where you can enjoy the area under the dome, and the Treasure Room, which shows a selection of emblematic works by Salvador Dalí.

Lee had wanted to visit Girona for years: “Ever since I saw photographs of the city for the first time”. And after having had the opportunity to visit the old part of the city and discover its 2000 years of history, he says that “riding through the streets of Girona has been everything I could have imagined and more”. And he adds that, although many of the streets are cobbled, “it wasn’t difficult” to get around in his electric wheelchair.

Regarding Empúries, the most important Greco-Roman archaeological site in Catalonia, Cory Lee highlights its accessibility: “There are accessible paths and we were able to see the ruins very well”. And he adds: “The views of the sea from here are fantastic!

The accessibility chain

Accessible tourism means enjoying environments, facilities, services and activities in equal conditions and autonomy. For an accessible travel experience to be complete, the destination must take into account the so-called “accessibility chain“. A break at the links, whether at the time of booking, in transport, accommodation, services or activities, will mean a bad travel experience and a lost customer. Accessibility is synonymous with quality, it is a business opportunity and it is everyone’s right.


The visit of the influencer Cory Lee to the Costa Brava has been made possible thanks to the promotional work carried out by Inclusive Tourism of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board. This promotional work has resulted in a new product: an accessible tour of the Costa Brava by the Vive4all travel agency.

In this case, Cory Lee’s visit also involved the collaboration of Wheel the World, a platform that offers accessible trips to more than a dozen destinations around the world, including the Costa Brava and Girona.

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