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Practise adapted sports in the counties of Girona

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Practise adapted sports in the counties of Girona

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Water polo, athletics, wheelchair basketball, boccia, powerlifting, wheelchair hockey, swimming, adapted paddle tennis, quad rugby, fencing... And so on up to 18 adapted sports modalities that are practised in our territory.

At the initiative by the Girona Provincial Council’s Sports Service, the Adapted Sports Committee was set up a year ago to promote and develop adapted sports activities in the counties of Girona. Sport improves health, personal growth and quality of life for everyone.

Adapted sports day in Girona

On Saturday 11 November you have an appointment in Girona, specifically at the GEiEG athletics tracks in Palau, to discover various forms of adapted sport. The Catalan Sports Federation of Cerebral Palsy (FECPC), which promotes and encourages the practice of sport for people with brain injury, is organising an adapted sport day. Registrations can be made through this form.

This activity will begin at 11am with athletics, a sport that can be practised by children and young people, whether they are wheelchair users or not. At 11:30 it will be the turn of slalom, a sport of skill in the use of a wheelchair. It consists of completing a series of obstacle courses in the shortest possible time and without making mistakes. The activity is aimed at motorised and manual wheelchair users.

Captura de Pantalla esport adaptat_MultiSignes

On a sports field, a detail of several people in wheelchair playing sport. Image by MultiSignes.

At 12 noon, football will be played. In this case, the activity is open to children and young people with walking difficulties. And at 11:45, you can discover boccia, a sport of tactics and precision with adapted sports equipment.

Adapted sport practice

The Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees have seen an increase in the number of adapted races for everyone. This is the case of the Adapted Race for Children and Young People organised by the Multicapacitats association as part of the Sant Narcís festivities in Girona, the adapted version of the popular race held in Olot during the Sant Lluc festivities and the inclusive Carnival race in Santa Coloma de Farners.

You can also enjoy sport at the Adapted Sports Centre in La Molina, run by Play & Train, a non-profit social organisation that works to make sport accessible to everyone. They offer mountain activities all year round and encourage skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. The activities are aimed at people of different ages, different social segments and with any type of disability: physical, sensory or cognitive.

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In La Molina, on a snowy ski slope, three participants sit in ski chairs and enjoy the activity. Each of them is supported by a monitor who pushes the chair. Image by Diego Espada.

Bàsquet Girona has had a wheelchair basketball team, Rehagirona – Bàsquet Girona, for two years now. And the MIFAS association has an adapted sports school and federated teams of boccia and adapted paddle tennis.

And if you are already counting down the days until the summer season arrives to get back to water activities, in the Costa Brava you can choose from inclusive sailing, adapted paddle surfing, kayaking, emotional diving… A wide range of possibilities adapted to all abilities.

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