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Orienteering race, tracking clues in a gorgeous natural setting


Orienteering race, tracking clues in a gorgeous natural setting

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  • Date: 03/10/2023
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Ever tried your hand at orienteering? No? Well, believe us when we say that this sporting activity is right up your street.

And we have no hesitation in saying that because it’s an experience that can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. It’s a simple concept: split into teams and use your compass to find your way to the various control points marked on a map in the shortest possible time.


Getting out in nature is just one of the attractions of this fun discovery activity

Don’t worry, if you’re new to this kind of thing, your instructors will explain how to interpret the map before setting off so that you can make decisions as you go. And they will also provide you with some basic orienteering techniques, such as checking the position of the sun, working out the north facing side of the trees or correctly reading the map that will help guide you, with information on distances, gradients, roads, rivers, buildings that will serve as a reference…

This is an activity that can be enjoyed as a family, with friends, work colleagues… there are circuits tailored to all levels of difficulty. Even if you are the most expert orienteer, there is a circuit that will give your intuitive abilities a good workout in order to calculate the relevant triangulations and emerge from the forest victorious.


Family orienteering race in the Vall d’en Bas

There are a number of activity companies in the  Girona Pyrenees area that offer a variety of orienteering circuits to suit all ages and abilities. The Guies Ama Dablam in the Vall d’en Bas valley, have set up a fabulous circuit in Hostalets d’en Bas but can also organise your own in other areas on request.


One of the clues waiting to be found along this route set in an astonishingly beautiful natural setting

This is a relatively easy course suitable for all members of the family, aged 6 and over, which takes around three hours to complete. Once equipped with the materials and instructions you need, you head out in your teams in search of flags or other markers, which you tick off on your checklist as you go along. The aim is tofind them all and reach the finish line before your opponents. By the time you have finished, you will have walked almost seven kilometres through wonderful forests in the heart of this volcanic zone.

Aventura Girona, orientation circuits in the Vall del Llémena valley

Aventura Girona has another range of fun orientation circuits set around the Lleména tributary and the River Ter.


Circuits can be tailored to your requirements and include fun physical challenges

These circuits are a fun way to get out into nature, finding your way to ten checkpoints armed only with a map and a compass and with the option of adding some entertaining physical challenges to be completed along the way. This course is set over flat terrain and the level of technical difficulty can also be adapted to suit any kind of group (family, work, hen or stag parties), promoting the value of teamwork while having fun. The course takes around four hours to complete.


A perfect family-friendly activity to enjoy with children

Photos: Guies Ama Dablam and Aventura Girona

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