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Everyone can enjoy the beaches of the Costa Brava

Photographer Vicky Pirata


Everyone can enjoy the beaches of the Costa Brava

Handrails in the water, amphibious chairs, lifelines, accessible shaded areas, adapted changing rooms, walkways, bathing assistance, accessible car parks and wheelchair access to beach bars. These are just some of the services that the beaches of the Costa Brava make available to users so that everyone can enjoy a day at the beach.

Every summer, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board compiles a list of the adapted services offered by the beaches of the Costa Brava. This is a review of the beaches of 20 towns along the Girona coastline from north to south, from Portbou to Blanes. The result is an infographic with all the updated information on accessibility on the beaches of the Costa Brava. You can download it below.


A day at the beach for everyone? Yes, it is possible

You start the day. Get all your beach gear ready and don’t forget your sun cream! Once on the beach, will you be able to park? 36 of the 54 beaches listed have accessible car parks. Almost all of them have a walkway in the sand. So, once you’ve settled in, you can relax peacefully and take advantage of the accessible shaded areas.

If you feel like going for a swim, you can do so thanks to several services. 11 beaches on the Costa Brava have a ramp to access the water and 16 have handrails in the water. In 19 beaches there is a bathing assistance service. You can choose the service that best suits your needs: amphibious chairs, amphibious deckchairs, amphibious crutches, walking frames or hoists. Please note that some of these services need to be booked in advance. The beaches of the Costa Brava also have lifelines in the water, there are 33. In short, a wide range of resources to meet a variety of needs.

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In a beach in Lloret de Mar, two lifeguards lead a boy into the water in an amphibious chair. Image by Àlex Tremps.

If you prefer to cool off with a drink, 13 beaches have access to beach bars. And if you have to go to the toilet, no problem: there are 44 accessible toilets in the beaches of the Costa Brava. 26 beaches also have adapted showers, although this summer they will be closed until further notice due to the drought situation.

Check out the infographic on accessible beaches with all the latest information. Don’t miss out on a swim in the Costa Brava this summer.

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