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Empordà wine lovers


Empordà wine lovers

Discover the DO Empordà wineries and lap up the tales floating in each glass of wine.

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Winemaking has shaped the landscape of the Empordà region since its origins and will continue to do so, with its terraced vineyards, dry-stone walls, huts and cypresses.

That’s right, wine tourism is in fashion!

1. Wines from the Albera massif in Cantallops: Masia Serra and Vinyes dels Aspres

This wine lovers’ route through Alt Empordà starts in the Albera massif, at the foot of Requesens Castle, where you’ll find the village of Cantallops.   Once there, don’t miss the Vinyes dels Aspres winery, with its iconic demijohns of sweet grenache. Afterwards, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast or a tasty lunch at the Masia Serra winery.

Capmany and its five visitable wineries

The capital and epicentre of winemaking in Empordà is unquestionably Capmany. With just 600 inhabitants and a record nine wineries, it’s a paradise for wine tourists and is known as the Haro of Empordà, after La Rioja’s famous winemaking capital.  You can visit five of them on foot: Olivardots, Arché Pagès, Oliveda, Pere Guardiola and Gran Recosind. If that’s still not enough for you, check out the El Parral farm shop. There’s always something interesting going on there, such as concerts, tastings, tours and walks. You can also enjoy an aperitif and buy wines and other local products.

Sant Climent Sescebes: winemaking tradition and modernity

A little village with a winning combination of tradition and modernity. Here you’ll find the historic Martí Fabra winery in a 12th-century country house and Terra Remota, a modern winery integrated into the Empordà landscape. You also have the chance to discover a secret jealously kept by the villagers of Sant Climent Sescebes: the La Concòrdia Social Centre, established in 1940, where you can enjoy a nice aperitif and rub shoulders with the locals.

History comes alive at the Espolla Cooperative Winery

Opened in 1931, the Espolla Cooperative Winery is one of the oldest wineries in the Empordà region. The building is inspired by the Modernisme-style cooperative wineries, or “wine cathedrals” of Tarragona and is sure to take your breath away. The winery offers tours and tastings, breakfasts with local tramuntana country produce and dramatised tours.

La Vinyeta: wine tourism at its best

Who hasn’t heard of La Vinyeta? It’s an outstanding example of wine tourism in Catalonia: you can have breakfast there, go for a picnic in the vineyards, attend concerts, have supper under the stars, sample its cheeses and oils… The range of options is sublime!

Cellers d’en Guilla and the secrets behind red grenache

Cellers d’en Guilla is a modern winery known for one of the region’s secret gems: red grenache, a native Empordà variety. The owners make new wines from old vines. Their restless spirit leads them to constantly innovate and create new wines and blends.

A sensory tasting at Mas Llunes

The owners of Mas Llunes, a winery handed down over generations in Garriguella, have been working the vineyards since 1389. Today, the new generations are strongly focused on quality wines and wine tourism. Indulge in a sensory tasting in the barrel room, with light and colour projections, music and other elements. It really is quite an experience!

Wine tourism, Michelin-starred gourmet cuisine, a wine spa and lots more at Peralada Castle (Perelada winery)

Empordà wouldn’t be the same without Perelada, the region’s most emblematic winery. You can tour its most famous estates, such as Finca Malaveïna and Finca Garbet, which offer spectacular views over the Mediterranean.

400 years of family tradition at Castelló Murphy

All Castelló Murphy wines are crafted from organically grown grapes. They are an expression of the landscape, the winery’s history and the passion it puts into its work. It’s located in Rabós, a small, picturesque Catalan village at the foot of the Pyrenees along the Orlina River, home to the protected Albera tortoise, in a beautiful natural setting. The winery produces wine in the tradition maintained by the Castelló family for 400 years.

If you don’t feel like planning a trip or driving yourself, let La Gastronòmica, Laura Masramon or Gastronomy-Nature-Experience take care of everything for you. All you have to do is tap into your five senses and enjoy the wines as they assess and guide you through Empordà like royalty.

If you want to discover more about our wine heritage, the archaeologists at Glops d’Història will reveal the secrets of well-known places such as the Empúries Archaeological Site or more secluded ones like the Sant Quirze de Colera monastery.

Where to stay: Moments RuralsMas ViventPeralada Hotel (Michelin-starred restaurant), Mas EspeltMas LazuliTerraza Hotel & Spa in RosesCanyelles Platja HotelMasia Serra, La Vinyeta

Where to eat: the  Garriguella Cooperative, La Croqueta – Can Cervera, the La Cuina del Vent cooking collective

Where to buy wine and other amazing products: Wine Palace, El Parral farm shop

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