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A wellness journey through the Girona Pyrenees


A wellness journey through the Girona Pyrenees

The Girona Pyrenees are perfect for relaxing and getting the chance to admire and appreciate nature up close. No wonder it's so many people's favourite destination! You can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities and routes with family or friends, all while surrounded by plants, valleys, mountains and rivers as far as the eye can see.

All you need is the desire for a getaway or a fun, unique weekend, and the Girona Pyrenees will do the rest! With everything they have to offer, it’s easy to come up with plans and enjoy well-rounded experiences to treat yourself and delight all your senses. To give you a hand, photojournalist Kris Ubach suggests several trips and routes in her new e-book Un viatge sensorial II. Rutes culturals i del benestar per al Pirineu de Girona [A Sensory Journey II: Cultural and Wellness Routes Through the Girona Pyrenees], the follow-up to her first volume Un viatge sensorial. Rutes culturals i del benestar per la Costa Brava [A Sensory Journey: Cultural and Wellness Routes on the Costa Brava], but this time to see, smell, touch, taste and hear the Girona Pyrenees.

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PTCBG Archive. Setcases. Albert Duch.

Setcases. Albert Duch.

Her travel ideas invite readers to gain a renewed appreciation of themselves and their surroundings, to revel in the sound of silence we sometimes forget exists, and to smell the sweet scent of the Pyrenean flowers that carpet the landscape.

In this post we describe some of the wellness routes and trips that she has in store for you. Are you ready?

A therapeutic walk in the forest

The first route begins with an absolute must for achieving wellness and self-connection: a forest bath with the Sèlvans Cooperative. This experience involves full immersion in the natural world, accompanied by a guide who’s there to help you connect with nature using all your senses and to teach you how to transform your attitude and find a new way to walk through life.

A top forest bathing spot is Pla de la Barraca, an extensive high-mountain forest of Scots and dwarf mountain pine located at the edge of the Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser Natural Park at an altitude of 1,700 metres.

If instead you’re closer to the city of Olot, head to the Salvador Grau Forest, a mixed forest of common oak and deciduous trees such as ash, maple and beech. This natural setting is home to numerous dry-stone walls and volcanic rock huts.

Finally, nestled in the bucolic Vall d’en Bas is the Olletes Forest, which stands out for its great many yews, a symbolic tree for the area, as well as other deciduous species such as beech, cherry and Italian maple. Have you ever beheld such wonders?

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PTCBG Archive. Girona. Javi Cabrera.

Girona. Javi Cabrera.

Find wellness in silence

This route starts in La Vall d’en Bas, taking us to Mas Garganta, a 14th-century country house in an exceptional location in La Garrotxa Natural Park, offering a setting surrounded by woods where tranquillity and silence reign.

Silence is a privilege very few are able to enjoy. It’s hard to find, especially if you live in a city or work in an environment where there’s a constant racket. We live in a world buzzing with noise, and we have no idea how much it affects us or in what way, because we don’t even hear it. However, when the day comes for a walk in the mountains, a meditation class or a swim in the sea, we rediscover its antithesis: absolute silence. And it’s in this moment when we realise how much we truly missed it.

Immerse yourself in silence at Mas Garganta, a country house specialising in retreats and several-day meditation or yoga camps. The peaceful atmosphere is ideal for reconnecting with nature, rural living and oneself. Enjoy a magnificent stay at Mas Garganta while listening to the birds chirp and savouring organic, vegan, zero-kilometre dishes made with food harvested from the home vegetable garden. It’s the perfect place to get away for a while, meditate and, who knows, maybe even write a book.

Now it’s time to head to Olot. Despite being in a city, we’re far removed from the noise, specifically, at the Sant Roc Springs on the banks of the River Fluvià. This will be the backdrop for a class of qigong, an age-old practice from Chinese medicine that helps to release physical and spiritual blockages through a series of movements and breathing. Deepen your sense of wellness with the help of Mònica Traviesa, a professional in the field of artistic well-being who has come up with a concept fusing art and the world of spas. Are you up for it?


Un viatge sensorial II. Rutes culturals i del benestar pel Pirineu de Girona, an e-book by Kris Ubach.

Kris Ubach.

High-mountain tranquillity

Another option that’s sure to win the heart of nature lovers is an overnight stay at the Resguard dels Vents Rural Hotel & Spa in Ribes de Freser. It’s located at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, where the peace and quiet of the woods permeate the air. It’s bursting with personality and charm, and the rural essence of mountain life is everywhere. Relaxing in the spa’s pool is practically a must if you want to unwind and pamper your body. One good way to do this is with the special 60-minute treatment that uses essential oils from Pyrenean flowers. Oxygenate your mind and rediscover your own life beat! 

Another excellent option is a visit to the charming agrotourism accommodation in Oix in L’Alta Garrotxa. Any idea which one we’re talking about? Of course! It’s Mas Pineda, a 13th-century country house in the heart of nature, offering panoramic views of the Oix Valley. Every room and corridor will transport you to a remote past full of ancient traditions.

Start this adventure into wellness with a walk under the trees to awaken your senses, taking a forest bath accompanied by a guide who will help you reconnect with nature. Finally, end the day with a mouth-wateringly exquisite dinner by Aromes al Bosc, featuring a culinary creation consisting of several vegetarian, organic and seasonal dishes seasoned with wild plants and other native herbs.

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Un viatge sensorial II. Rutes culturals i del benestar pel Pirineu de Girona, an e-book by Kris Ubach.

Kris Ubach.

If you want to reclaim your wellness with one of these travel ideas or any of the other routes and activities described by Kristina Ubach in her new e-book about the Girona Pyrenees, we encourage you to download it and start enjoying these one-of-a-kind experiences. Join the wellness movement!

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