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12 Little Coves to enjoy off-season


12 Little Coves to enjoy off-season

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We have combed the coasts of Selva, Baix Empordà and Alt Empordà counties.

So that you can see the sun rise, watch it set, sheltered from the wind, with fantastic views, and the tones of the background… Here we give you a thousand and one reasons to discover this treasure map.  

Cala Sa Futadera (Tossa de Mar, Selva). It is no surprise that the ancient Greeks landed on our coast if they saw a paradise like this from their ships. They arrived by sea, but you can get here by land and it is worth the walk because the final approach, just at the foot of the steps down to the beach, reveals an unspoilt oasis of infinitely beautiful emerald and turquoise shades.

Cala Sa Boadella (Lloret de Mar, Selva). This has all the attractive features of a wild cove: pale sand, clear waters, large rocks and vibrant green pine trees all around. And a group of imposing rocks that divide the cove into two small beaches. It is the perfect spot for soaking up the pleasant morning sun and, if you have to walk for a few minutes to get there, at least the path goes through a lovely pine forest.

Cala Sa Caleta (Lloret de Mar, Selva). This little cove lies at the foot of Plaja Castle and there are always a handful of small fishing boats neatly lined up on the sand. It’s a picturesque sight, almost like a fairytale, and for that reason alone it is worth visiting. If you also feel like walking a stretch of the coastal path to Tossa de Mar, you are in the ideal spot as it begins just here.

Cala Futadera Tossa de Mar. Ajuntament

Cala Futadera, Tossa de Mar. Ajuntament. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

Cala de les Roques Planes (Calonge, Baix Empordà). Everyone is surprised by the rocks emerging from the crystal clear waters. Large, rounded, comfortable and warm, visitors and bathers climb onto them, lie down, jump from them, read on them, try to find hidden shapes whimsically sculpted into them by the water and the wind. You can get here from the north and south by taking the coastal path.  

Cala Estreta (Palamós, Baix Empordà). After a short walk you will see two very narrow strips of sand hugging the mountainside and the seashore. We have arrived at our destination, a small and wonderful cove with transparent waters where we can spend hours away from the hustle and bustle of the world. For many, it is the perfect place to spend the night and await the spectacular sunrise.  

Cala S’Eixugador (Begur, Baix Empordà). Judging by the images of this cove you can find online, you might think that it is a difficult place to reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. You only need to go down to Sa Tuna beach and walk for a few minutes along the coastal path to the wooden viewpoint and Sa Punta des Plom. Welcome to this little 50-metre long oasis of transparent waters.   

Cala Ferriol (L’Estartit, Baix Empordà). At the end of the path that leads to this small pebble cove we find a beautiful photo opportunity: a stone wall on the right, a stone wall on the left and a small group of stones emerging from the water, right in the middle. An unforgettable discovery.

Cala de Roques Planes Sant Antoni de Calonge. Jaume Campderros

Cala de Roques Planes, Sant Antoni de Calonge. Jaume Campderros. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG.

Cala Guillola (Cadaqués, Alt Empordà). Little coves dot Cap de Creus and you will find this one north of Cadaqués. Small, with pebbles and totally transparent waters, it is ideal for those who love a brisk walk, but also for those who prefer to leave their car nearby.   

Cala Portaló (Cadaqués, Alt Empordà). A short distance from Cap de Creus lighthouse, in the dry, rocky landscape typical of this natural area, you will find this unspoilt cove. A beautiful inlet that winds it way inland, little by little and in no hurry.

Cala Taballera (El Port de la Selva, Alt Empordà). Wider and more open, covered with stones and pebbles, and with excellent waters, this cove in El Port de la Selva is a good walk along the long-distance trail that runs through the Pyrenees, the GR11. 

Cadaques Cala Jugadora. Jaume Campderros 1

Cadaqués, Cala Jugadora. Jaume Campderros 1. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG.

Cala Bramant (Llançà, Alt Empordà). The stone walls that surround, protect, shape and hold this cove underwater give it the appearance of a natural pool, rather than a cove. Taking a dip here is an absolute must if you come to Llançà.

Cala de les Tres Platgetes (Portbou, Alt Empordà). Protected by a soaring cliff, this cove can easily be reached in a 10-minutes walk along the coastal path. A calm, relaxing swim and views of the bay are guaranteed. 

Llanca. Maria Geli Pilar Planaguma 1

Llançà. Maria Geli - Pilar Planagumà 1. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

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