Mas Les Cols Olot c Carles Allende Mas Les Cols Olot c Carles Allende

Volcanic cuisine


Volcanic cuisine

Escape to the land of dormant volcanoes and unspoilt scenery.

Garrotxa is a region where you eat what you see in the fields, woods and mountains around you, where volcanic cuisine pays homage to local producers in every dish and where gastronomy becomes a way of understanding the region’s people, past and present.

Sant Esteve d’en Bas, where time seems to have stood still

Nestled against the backdrop of Puigsacalm mountain, Sant Esteve d’en Bas boasts a majestic church at its highest point, as well as one of the most important Romanesque parish churches in the region.

Discover the world of artisan cheeses at La Xiquella

From its small cheese workshop in the heart of the Vall d’en Bas, La Xiquella makes its artisan cheeses and shares them with the public through a guided tour of its dairy and a tasting and wine pairing in the heart of the marvellous Garrotxa landscape. As well as being a dairy, La Xiquella is also a farm guesthouse, where you can enjoy a relaxing stay amidst beautiful countryside.

la vall den bas c rafael lopez monne

Oriol Rizo, Formatgeria artesana La Xiquella, La Vall d'en Bas, La Garrotxa, Girona

Mas la Coromina: experience a day in the life of a farmer

Strap on your boots and discover what life is like in a traditional farmhouse. At Mas la Coromina, in the heart of the Vall d’en Bas, you can visit the livestock farm, help out with some of the chores, and sample the milk and dairy products that have been handmade here for over 50 years.

Santa Pau, the village of haricot beans

With Santa Pau, it’s love at first sight. Take your time strolling through this medieval walled village in the heart of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, especially its porticoed main square featuring different-sized arches and the various narrow streets leading to Santa Maria church. Oh, and don’t leave without first tasting the authentic Santa Pau haricot beans, an essential ingredient in volcanic cuisine!

Vol de Coloms: a bird’s eye view of the La Garrotxa volcanoes

Fly over the superb Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park in a Vol de Coloms hot air balloon. You’ll float peacefully through the air in silence, enjoying a bird’s eye view of one of the largest areas of dormant volcanoes in Europe. After the flight, you’ll tuck into a hearty country breakfast made up of Santa Pau haricot beans, Catalan tomato bread and charcuterie, desserts from the La Fageda Cooperative and a glass of magnificent ratafia liqueur from Olot.

For lovers of new experiences, this part of the trip is an absolute must!

Enter La Fageda d’en Jordà and discover the La Fageda Cooperative

A leading business model in terms of its social values and commercial success, the La Fageda Cooperative offers visitors a guided tour of the emblematic nature reserve and beech wood, La Fageda d’en Jordà, where you’ll discover the area’s geology, wildlife and flora before sitting down for a small group picnic. Afterwards, you will be invited onto La Fageda’s estate, Mas Els Casals, to discover its jam production plant and the factory where it makes its yoghurt, ice cream and desserts. If you haven’t done so yet, come and discover this region’s iconic social project!

Olot, capital of volcanoes

Olot is known as the volcano capital. The city is surrounded by four of them – Montsacopa, Montolivet, Garrinada and Bisaroques – and its rich natural heritage also includes the Moixina marshes and the Croscat volcano. Olot is not only home to scenic treasures, but also a wealth of great local food, such as ratafia, Olot potatoes, tortell de matafaluga (aniseed pastry ring) and coca de llardons (flat pastry cake made with pork scratchings). Visit the Olot Market and taste them all!

As the saying goes, if you don’t have fun in Olot, you won’t have fun in any spot!

Mas Les Cols Olot c Carles Allende

Restaurant Mas Les Cols

Even if it’s just once, you have to cross the medieval bridge in Besalú

Besalú is a symbol of medieval Catalonia and one of its best-preserved historical sites. This Jewish town is famous for its emblematic bridge and the beauty and romanticism that pervades it, which have made it a popular shooting location for films, series and TV advertisements.

Take a stroll through its narrow streets and visit the Mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath located under the remains of an old synagogue.

Mas Vida, the Garrotxa d’Empordà winery

Mas Vida is a small winery run by women in the Garrotxa d’Empordà area. It’s located in Cistella, in an old rectory which has been given a new lease of life. The winery offers guided tours, meals in the vineyards, workshops and paired suppers. A little paradise in an area with a long history of winemaking!

Where to eat
La Quinta JustaLa BraseraHostal dels OssosL’HostaletLes Cols (2 Michelin stars), Ca L’Enric (1 Michelin star)


Where to stay
Mas La FerreriaLa XiquellaCal Sastre Hotel & Restaurant




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