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Kayaking on the Costa Brava, welcome to your next big obsession


Kayaking on the Costa Brava, welcome to your next big obsession

When those hazy summer days come along, life takes on a different rhythm, leaving us with a sweet aftertaste that we savour for as long as we possibly can.

Days filled with a myriad of colours, of orange-tinged mornings and pale sunsets that melt into the horizon. This is the Costa Brava’s moment to shine. The time for heading out in a kayak to leisurely explore its most secret and hidden coves and caves before slipping away again, as if we were never there.

Cala Canyers Palamos. Dani Salva. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG_G 1024x680 1

This is the ideal way of getting to know the Costa Brava, the rivers and estuaries, lakes and even reservoirs, allowing you to access soaring cliffs, sea caves and small coves that are inaccessible from land and extraordinarily beautiful hidden treasures that you would never have imagined existed.

Parc Natural dels Aguamolls de lEmporda. Diego Espada. Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

Kayaking is an activity that anyone can try. It is great for the complete beginner because it is easy to master and, with just a few initial training sessions, you will acquire the necessary skills to get going and enjoy it right away. And for those looking for something more challenging, there are numerous exciting outings to be enjoyed on the Costa Brava organised by the many specialist companies that offer  expert tour guides, group trips and boat rental services.

And the best thing about having the Costa Brava on your doorstep is that, apart from the opportunity to marvel at the stunning seascape, you can also enjoy kayaking in calm waters, with trips on the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, the River Ter and Banyoles Lake.

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Kayaking gives you the chance to get up close for a unique view of the terrain of the Costa Brava.

It is a truly environmentally friendly means of transport, offering the enchanting experience of peacefully gliding across the water, enjoying in the silence and wondering at the beauty of the landscape from your own very special vantage point.

Photos: Diego Espada, Dani Salvà, PTCBG Image Archive

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