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Five ways to unwind and find wellness in your day-to-day life


Five ways to unwind and find wellness in your day-to-day life

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We want to share with you five very special ways to unwind after work and look after your personal wellness.

September is always a time of change. Children head back to school, adults return to work and our days are once again weighed down by routines, deadlines, hectic schedules and stress. Jumping back into real life after being away on holiday is hard on most, which is why we want to share with you five very special ways to unwind after work and look after your personal wellness.

Practise yoga to recharge your mind and body

„Peace in the mind, energy in the body.“ This is the philosophy of Happy Yoga Girona, a company that knows full well that achieving a healthy body starts with nurturing a healthy mind. With this purpose, its two sites in Girona offer plenty of regular activities throughout the year, including Kundalini yoga, aerial yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga and prenatal yoga, in addition to special courses run periodically.

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Connect with yourself and your surroundings

Meditation and mindfulness are always a good way to reconnect with our inner selves. These practices allow us to achieve a state of complete, undisturbed consciousness so that we can look inwards and embrace our thoughts and feelings. The experiences, programmes and courses offered by wellness and happiness coach Edgar Tarrés are truly unique and won’t fail to impress.

A great way to strengthen the bonds we share with our inner selves is to be at one with nature. Forest bathing involves quiet immersion in nature to achieve wellness for ourselves and our health. You can enjoy this therapeutic experience thanks to the outings organised by the Sèlvans Association and Aromes al Bosc to some of the most charming natural places on the Costa Brava and in the Girona Pyrenees.

Improve your healthy eating habits

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase „we are what we eat“ once or twice in your life. Experts say that eating a healthy diet is great for our personal wellness, as it keeps us strong and healthy, improves our mood and boosts brain performance. 

Many people are hesitant to start eating a healthy, balanced diet because they think it will cost them too much time and money. But the truth is that there are small habits we can build into our daily routine without any effort but with big pay-offs in terms of feeling good. This could include drinking a glass of water every hour, eating a piece of fruit at the end of each meal or going to bed at least two hours after dinner.

For more healthy eating tips, you can sign up for the mindful eating workshops put on by Marta Romaní at the Arkhé in Pals, take the healthy cooking classes taught by Matthias Hespe at the EspaiCuinarSa or follow the advice of the professionals at the mindful eating eco-shop Alimara Espai Salut

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Treat yourself to some relaxation

When it comes to taking a break from the routines of daily life, a visit to a relaxing spa is many people’s top choice. The Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees offer a wide range of wellness options, but we want to spotlight the Vichy Catalan Spa Resort, where you can relax while soaking in the original 37°C Vichy water, which boasts therapeutic properties. The thermal waters of the Aqva Roman Baths, in Girona old town, are also a good option if you’re looking to unwind without leaving the city.

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If you’re after a completely unique experience, the Ess by Mònica Traviesa at the Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel is the place for you, as it offers signature treatments inspired by art, tradition and the avant-garde. Otherwise, you might visit the Terraza Hotel & Spa, which can take care of all sorts of health and wellness needs and offer guests vital, healing and relaxing benefits.

Try a weekend getaway

If in-and-out activities won’t do the trick and you need a slightly longer period of relaxation, be sure to check out the following accommodation options for a special and unique weekend experience.

In Platja d’Aro, overlooking the sea and surrounded by pine forests, you will find the five-star Cala del Pi hotel, which offers great amenities, lots of romantic, Girona-specific experiences, and of course its magnificent spa.

The Santa Marta Hotel & Spa in Lloret de Mar is the perfect place to enjoy delicious cuisine featuring seasonal products. This town is also home to the Azure Hotel, the ideal setting for full family wellness and comfort.

You may also choose a relaxing romantic getaway, either to pamper yourself or to discover the vineyards of L’Empordà. These are the themed getaway options offered by the Can Xiquet Hotel in Cantallops.

On the Health and Wellness page of the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees website you can browse all the wellness options available for any time of year. Now’s the time to enrich your routine with those little moments we all need to reconnect with ourselves and feel good. Are you up for that?

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